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LCOL Volunteer Engagement and Development Leader - Michigan

Starts: Mar 01, 2024



The Volunteer Engagement and Development Chair works Local Council of Leaders and regional staff to lead and organize volunteer development system including: cultivation, recruitment, training, support and recognition to ensure delivery of local services.


  • Knowledge of and passion for camp and ACA
  • Be an active member of ACA


  • Identifying volunteer opportunity areas
  • Matching potential volunteers to opportunities
  • Providing orientation and training to volunteer

Essential Responsibilities

  • Serve as chief volunteer developer: articulating the values and communicating the benefits volunteering ACA, Michigan
  • Work with ACA Staff and volunteers to analyze objectives and key results in Michigan's volunteer development efforts.
  • Keep current on information pertaining to: LCOL committees’ initiative efforts and ACA, Inc. growth strategy initiatives.
  • Follow all applicable ACA policies and procedures
  • Provide updates at Local Council of Leaders meetings
  • Attend all LCOL meetings (in person or virtual).

Time Commitment

 The volunteer engagement and development chair commits to:

  • Serve a two-year term.
  • Attend LCOL one in-person and five Virtual Local Council of Leaders meetings.
  • Communicating with ACA Staff and other volunteers in a timely and professional manner.


ACA Michigan

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Rebecca Pasman

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