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  • We revised our opening day protocols once COVID hit and I am not sure we will return to our former ways. Drive-Through Check-in Process: 1. Car enters the gate. On the entrance road, the car will be greeted at Station #1 by a ...

  • I'm wondering if anyone has a great process you'd like to share for screening campers for special needs. We want to get better and flagging special needs that are mentioned on our parent form so that we can be prepared to meet those needs when the camper ...

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    RE: WDR Example

    When you submit information/documentation for a WDR it should be the same information/documentation that you would show a visitor the day of the visit. If the standard requires a policy, show the policy. If it is from an employee handbook, upload the ...

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    WDR Example

    Hello again! I am really working on updating our policy and procedures to align with ACA Accreditation but am struggling to visualize the WDR. Does anyone have a couple of pages that could be screenshotted to share? A page or two of what you turned in ...