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  • Hello, We will appreciate if the community can share some of the best ideas for outdoor activities and arts&crafts that worked this past summer given the social distancing, mask-wearing, and other "new normals". We are dancer camps and we found that ...

  • Hi Melanie, We made our "Gender" question fill in the blank rather than a choose one option. Then we added a language: "(I.e. female, male, non binary, etc) This field is required because this will help us with the bunking placements (cabins). If ...

  • Greetings! I personally love to see this conversation continue to happen in the camping community because its one I have with myself and our board and am curious to see how we all grow in this. Particularly wth avoiding the traditional binary division ...

  • Elana Clavner, I interested in seeing what your procedure manual looks like. Might you be willing to share? ------------------------------ Bob La Croix ------------------------------