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    Pest Control

    Greetings!  What level of pests control do you use in your buildings (cabins, kitchens, rec spaces) and how much do you leave up to the fact that you are in the woods? Specifically, year-round buildings that see wasps, mice, spiders, and all sorts... ...

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    RE: Camp oversight?

    Jill, For me it's not necessarily about how long you leave the facility but how far ahead of the next group do you need to come back n order to prepare and repair. In addition, we are located in a state park and part of a school district so we have a ...

  • Does anyone have a sample job description for Facility Director?

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    Camp oversight?

    This is a question for the Maintenance Managers/site managers.... If camp is not in session, days between groups, how do you determine if someone is needed on-site? What needs to be checked, if anything? Buildings, anything in the kitchen, pool, other ...