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  • Thanks Christina, Good point about your high-risk population--we have two weeks like that in which our property is rented out to a third party. Their Doctor and RNs decided to not mess with testing, but rather to just require all campers to have been ...

  • Thanks for sharing. We serve an extremely high-risk population. Our medical director and legal (and myself) took a different stance on the testing piece than your organization. And it's also interesting to hear other viewpoints. ;0 ------------------------------ ...

  • Why not have the parents of the campers as well as the volunteers (those over 18) provide you the results directly?

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    Camp Counselor Bonus

    We all know that overnight camp counselors don't make a lot of money for the summer. So, it would be great to come up with a bonus that evaluates skills and equates that to dollars in a bonus program. Certainly we do reviews but have never equated this ...