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  • Would anyone have a separate agreement to share for campers using zip lines and climbing walls?   Thanks. ------------------------------ Thomas Fraker Chauncey Ranch Fraker ------------------------------

  • Hi Sarah, I've had experience with a summer day camp program through a county park district.  We ran several different weeklong day camp programs with different themes throughout the summer season at our beach on Lake Erie.  Although the summer camp ...

  • Hello, I am looking for comparable camps to mine and the amount of staff, specifically full time staff that you have supporting the camp. I am the only full time year round person for my camp. My camp operates 10 weeks during the summer. We are a day ...

  • We are looking at air conditioners as well to both cool and dry our cabins. The overly warm moist air hits our cold cement floors and we get mold in our cabins. We have dehumidifiers in them but I read air conditioners use about the same amount of electricity ...