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    RE: Norovirus outbreak

    Katie: First of all, welcome to camp & camp nursing! I'm thrilled that your camp will receiving attention from you way to go and all the best! With that in mind, have you discovered the Association of Camp Nursing's website ( www.campnurse.org ...

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    Norovirus outbreak

    Hello, I am new to this community as well as to camp nursing! I just accepted the head Nurse position at a sports camp. Right now I am working on our policy manual and had a question. Last year our camp (I was not here) had an outbreak of the norovirus. ...

  • We haven't had a challenge with addresses prior but one of our challenges is the date we go into get our cards...they want us to wait 10 days but if we we wait 10 days then we can't even get them for our staff due to the challenge of having to drive an ...

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