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Camp Kindness Day 2019 - July 23

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  • A certified nursing assistant (CNA) can be a good support role at camp.  The CNA would be considered a UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) and could be assigned tasks as the registered nurse feels the individual is able to perform.  All UAPs should only ...

  • Your question about AD/HD medications, especially during the summer, is one I used to hear about a lot.  That changed when the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) came out with their policy statement for camps.  It states that kids who take medication ...

  • Dear Carrie, The mental health of both campers and staff is on everyone's mind this time of year. I wrote a series of articles for  Camping  on the topic, which I think you and others will find especially helpful. I've also attached the Mental Health ...

  • Does anyone have any information they can share on having a CNA at their camp. Any information (agreements, operational aspects, etc.) would be helpful. Thank you. Julia Wightman Director URecFit University of Maryland, Baltimore


  • Camp Kindness Day - July 23

    Celebrate kindness at your camp on July 23. #CampKindnessDay is our opportunity to demonstrate to the world the great work that camps are doing to teach kindness in engaging, simple, repeatable, and high-impact ways.