Top Features

Member Directory
The Member Directory lets you search for other ACA individual members based on name, email, location, ACA local office, organization affiliation, or primary role at camp.

You may “mention” another member by typing "@" and then start typing the person’s name. As you type, a list of suggested users will appear. When a person is @mentioned, they'll receive an email notification letting them know (if they have access permissions to that community).

Recommend a great post
To the right of the subject of the posting is a "Recommend" button. Just click that button to recommend a post you found particularly valuable.

Content tagging/search
We "tag" discussions and library posts to help organize content. Tagged items are prioritized in the left sidebar of the results of a keyword search.

File Library
Each community has a resource library that stores files of interest to that group. Add documents that will help others.

Private messages to another member
There are several ways to send a private message.

  1. When you perform a search in the Directory, you will see a “Send Message” button to the right of each person in your search results. Just click this button to send a private message.
  2. If you click through and view an individual’s profile, you can click the “Send Message” button under the member's name.
  3. From any discussion email or posting you can select "Reply to Sender" from the Reply drop down menu.

Volunteer Opportunities & Profile
Coming soon!