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Southeastern Camp Conference Evening Events Co-Chair

Starts: Jan 26, 2024
Location: Online Opportunity


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Service Summary

The Southeastern Camp Conference evening events co-chairs work with the conference committee and the eastern region ACA professional development manager to create memorable, fun, and thoughtful events during the Southeastern Camp Conference.

Knowledge and Experience

·       Ability to connect and engage local volunteers.

·       Ability to maintain an open line of communication with the professional development manager.

·       Prior experience working in work groups/committees to meet expected outcomes/goals.

·       Be an active member with ACA and have a basic understanding of ACA resources.

·       Knowledge of local activities or ability to create activities for conference attendees.

Participation Includes

·       Working cooperatively with the ACA professional development manager in the design, development, and implementation of evening activities during the conferences.

·       Attending planning meetings with the evening events sub-committee and the conference planning committee.

·       Attending the ACA, Southeastern camp conference – full cost of conference registration is covered.

Essential Responsibilities

·       Assist with the recruitment of an evening events sub-committee.

·       Plan and execute the evening programming with the support of the evening events sub-committee.

·       Develop various options for evening outings for program participants.

·       Identify a local organization and ways conference participants can support their work. (e.g. food drive, pamper drive, etc.)

·       Develop and implement a conference marketing plan.

·       Support the conference committee in selecting keynote speakers, and provide feedback on the general schedule of the conference.

Time Commitment

·       Participate in conference committee meetings once a month during the months of February – October.

·       Meet with the evening events sub-committee two times before the conference.


ACA Southeastern

Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Vincent Irving

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