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Southeastern Camp Conference Evening Events Committee Member

Starts: Jan 26, 2024
Location: Online Opportunity


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ACA, Southeastern Camp Conference Evening Events Committee Member
Service Summary

The Southeastern Camp Conference evening events committee work with the conference committee and the eastern region ACA professional development manager to create memorable, fun, and thoughtful events during the Southeastern Camp Conference. We encourage those who are familiar with the Greenville, SC area to apply.

Essential Responsibilities

·       Working cooperatively with the evening events co-chairs in the design and implementation of evening activities during the conferences.

·       Provide suggestions for evening conference outings.

·       Support the implementation of the conference marketing plan.

·       Assist in the implementation of the evening programming.

·       Attend the ACA, Southeastern Camp Conference – 25% discount on the conference registration early bird rate.

Time Commitment

·       Meet with the evening events co-chairs two times before the conference.


ACA Southeastern

Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Vincent Irving

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