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Professional Development Co-Chair

Starts: Apr 03, 2023


The professional development chair works with the regional ACA professional development manager to provide leadership, vision, guidance, and support to professional development efforts that result in quality professional development resources and opportunities at the local level.


Knowledge and Experience

  • Knowledge of ACA professional development resources and programs
  • Ability to connect and engage local volunteers
  • Ability to maintain an open line of communication with the professional development specialist
  • Prior experience leading work groups/committees to meet expected outcomes/goals
  • Knowledge and/or experience in working with adult learners
  • Be an active member with ACA and have a basic understanding of the LCOL and ACA workings
  • Knowledge of the local/regional camp community needs.
  • Knowledge of and access to local resources and engaged individuals.


Participation Includes

  • Working cooperatively with the ACA professional development specialist in the design, development, and implementation of professional development experiences.
  • Contributing to the LCOL annual planning process and implementation of professional development goals for the local office.
  • Staying informed of emerging professional development issues and trends that affect the camp profession and industry.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Provide information and customer service to interested groups and individuals about upcoming ACA professional development opportunities (both local and national)
  • Assist with the planning, coordination and promotion of at least one professional development opportunity every year
  • Work with the professional development manager to analyze Return on Investment/Return on Influence during budget cycle
  • Follow all applicable ACA policies and procedures relevant to professional development events and efforts
  • Provide updates at Local Council of Leader meetings
  • Participate in ACA nationwide professional development chairs’ meetings (in person at National Conference (or send a representative), and any planned virtual meetings)
  • Attend all LCOL and professional development committee meetings and functions (in person or virtually) and be prepared to contribute meaningfully.
  • Coordinate and attend committee meetings (in person or virtual) each year.
  • Coordinate and facilitate with event chairs and/or committees as necessary to keep lines of communication open.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest as well as identify and disclose any possible conflicts of interests.

Time Commitment

The professional development chair commits to:

  • Serve at least a 2-year term that allows for seamless transfer of event(s) and institutional knowledge.
  • Attend Local Council of Leaders (in-person or virtually) meetings. 
  • Attend ACA nationwide professional development chairs’ meetings (in person at National Conference (or send a representative), and any planned virtual meetings) each year.
  • Communicate with the professional development manager, event team, and other volunteers in a timely and professional manner.


ACA Wisconsin

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Sarah Resch

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