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Michigan — Communications Coordinators

Starts: Mar 22, 2024

Note:  All necessary volunteers are scheduled


Service Summary

The Michigan Communications coordinators convey internal and external messages for Michigan. They draft and publish materials in coordination with Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) and American Camp Association (ACA) staff. 

Knowledge and Experience

  • Ability to connect and engage local volunteers.
  • Knowledge of the regional “picture” of camp and basic understanding of camp culture(s) within the designated region.
  • Confident communicator.
  • Good writing, editing, proofreading, and layout and design skills. 
  • Project management and time management skills.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital media/social media.
  • Self-motivated with a positive and professional approach to management.


Participation Includes

  • Drafting and/or posting communications on ACA Connect.
  • Preparing communications for the biweekly local office newsletter.
  • Posting events on the local office Facebook page.
  • Creating ad hoc committees, sub groups, and task forces as needed.
  • Giving guidance, stimulation, and support to all LCOL members and committees.
  • Attending LCOL meetings to document committee and staff reports.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Attend committee meetings/calls as needed — ex: Professional development meetings before an event
  • Communicate newsletter/email blast needs to ACA, Inc. staff
  • Moderate Michigan’s social media, ACA Connect
  • Marketing of events & trainings — ex: phone calls, emailing, social media blasts
  • Help in recruitment of new volunteers, committee members, and LCOL members
  • Communicate with other LCOL members, offer feedback and ideas, give input, etc.
  • Attend trainings, meetings, and calls determined by ACA, Inc.
  • Form a committee or workgroup as needed
  • Develop and execute marketing and communications strategy

Time Commitment

The communications coordinators commit to:

  • Serve at least a two-year term.
  • Requires a time commitment of 2 to 4 hours per month, on average.
  • Coordinate and attend LCOL one in-person and six virtual LCOL meetings.  Attend committee meetings as needed. 
  • Communicating with ACA staff and other volunteers in a timely and professional manner.


ACA Michigan

Volunteers Needed:

2 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Rebecca Pasman