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Associate Visitor

Starts: Oct 06, 2022


Visitors are the heart and soul of the ACA accreditation program. ACA cannot provide accreditation services to
camps without them. ACA relies upon visitors’ commitments to participate in the visits to which they have
agreed, and their communication and follow-through before, during, and after visits are completed. Visitors
serve at two levels: associate visitor and visitor.

Associate visitors are those who have successfully completed the requirements of the Associate Visitor Course.
They participate as second (or third) visitors on a visit team, conducting visits to verify a camp’s compliance with
all applicable ACA standards.

Visitors fulfill the same responsibilities as Associate Visitors (verifying compliance with the ACA standards on the
day of the visit). However, those who accept the role of visitor must also be capable of and willing to serve as
lead visitors, including making final decisions on scoring for camp visits.
Prerequisites, qualifications, required training, desired competencies, and the approval processes for both
visitor roles are outlined in the chart below. Both roles are critically important to the operation of the
accreditation program.

Visitor Responsibilities
All Visitors:
1. Commit to the Visitor role, including prompt communication before, during, and after visits.
2. Be present at visits you’ve agreed to complete or assist in finding a potential solution (substitute, date
change, etc.) if a scheduling conflict arises.
3. Assist in the interpretation of the Accreditation Program's purpose, background, function, and process.
4. Immediately communicate any concerns and/or questions to the local standards chair or designated ACA
staff member.
5. Provide information in the Review or Appeal Process, as needed or requested.
6. Complete an evaluation after the completion of each assigned visit.
7. Maintain active visitor status (current ACA member, complete updates as required, and participate in at
least one visit every two years or conduct an Annual Accreditation Review annually).

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Abby Burbank

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