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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Starts: Sep 19, 2022


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair



Contribute to the diversity, equity & inclusion practices of the Association by (a) creating and maintaining frameworks that eliminate barriers to participation and engagement in this community, (b) building community relationships with experts that provide input to operations and training opportunities, and (c) providing consistent and meaningful opportunities for training with paid experts, conversation, and community-building, particularly for historically excluded groups in the Association.



  • Knowledge of and passion for camp and inclusion
  • Strong background knowledge of diversity, equity & inclusion principles, language, and history



  • Implementing diversity, equity & inclusion practices in a camp or organization
  • Connections with (or ability to make connections with) experts in diversity, equity & inclusion in the camping industry


Participation Includes

  • Identifying groups that have been historically excluded in the Association and determining barriers for participation, then working with ACA Staff, LCOL members, volunteers and field experts to eliminate or reduce those barriers.
  • Create a culture within the local Association that fosters important conversations around diversity, equity & inclusion in a healthy and productive manner.
  • Establish consistent opportunities for education and growth through trainings, workshops, email lists, or other modes of communication and connection.
  • Develop relationships with experts in diversity, equity & inclusion and offer paid opportunities for those professionals to educate and train our community, as well as provide input into current systems and structures at play.
  • Provide a space where historically excluded groups can openly communicate their feelings and experiences in the ACA (and camping industry in general) and receive validation, support, a sense of community and belonging, and access to helpful resources and professional connections.
  • Give guidance, stimulation and support to all LCOL members and committees.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Proactively seek input from experts and community members in historically excluded groups in the Association, which means Identifying voices that are not being heard and finding meaningful ways to amplify them in the community.
  • Work to foster better representation for what the local camping community looks like within the Association.
  • Create opportunities for members of historically excluded groups who are working to improve the camp industry to reach the Association’s community members and be paid fairly for their time and expertise.
  • Establish consistent language and messaging to establish the Association’s commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion that invites all members and potential members to take part in this effort.
  • Develop frameworks and systems that ensure the longevity of these initiatives after a term has ended.
  • Establish a living resource guide available to all ACA Virginia members with helpful readings, videos, trainings, contacts, etc.
  • Provide input for local causes the LCOL can support that match our mission, improve community outreach, and establish beneficial relationships.
  • Follow all applicable ACA policies and procedures
  • Provide updates at Local Council of Leaders meetings
  • Attend all LCOL meetings (in person or virtual).


Time Commitment

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair commits to:

  • Serve a two-year term.
  • Attend 1 in-person (during a normal travel year) and 2 virtual Local Council of Leaders meetings. (if committee meet place the number of meetings required).
  • Communicating with ACA Staff and other volunteers in a timely and professional manner.


Note: The LCOL envisions that the person to fill this role will help guide the office in determining where our focus should be.


ACA Virginias

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Vincent Irving